Welcome to Orphan Teb Pars.

Orphan Teb Pars as a private company was established to position the new options of treatment in Iran pharmaceutical field.
Our major goal is making health accessible to all as we aim Iranian people to become one of the healthiest individuals.

Currently, we want to supply pharmaceutical and medical device products from reputable multinational companies in Iran.

Our company has a decentralized policy which leads us to meet the exact needs of our partners separately. So, business model with our clients could be different from a distributor model to an official agent based on what our partners asking us.

About Orphan Teb Pars

Orphan Teb Pars is established with high staffs’ capabilities, management skills and specialty in pharmaceutical business in Iran,
Company Organization

* Sales & Marketing Dept.
* Regulatory Dept.
* Human Resource Dept.
* Financial Dept.
* Commercial and Supply Chain Dept.


Accounting and Finance
Orphan Teb Pars accounting and finance department main job is to organize transferring the necessary ...
Products and Partners
Orphan Teb Pars's main strategy is to stress on our partner brands and...