About Us
Orphan Teb Pars is established with high staffs’ capabilities, management skills and specialty in pharmaceutical business in Iran,

Company Organization

  • Sales & Marketing Dept.
  • Regulatory Dept.
  • Human Resource Dept.
  • Financial Dept.
  • Commercial and Supply Chain Dept.

Orphan Teb Pars is thinking about a long term business based on our professional job to provide our customers with high quality products and services. We plan to engage in supplying premium quality pharmaceutical, medical devices and hygienic formulations.

Orphan Teb Pars wants to be one of the fast-growing companies which is engaged in importation and distribution of different pharmaceutical products. Our expertise in international trade will lead us to become able to acquire a large network of both suppliers and customers. Orphan Teb Pars’s core competency is in regulatory affaires and marketing which comes from a well-built background of its employees.

The heart of our team includes the people who have already been working for well-known Iranian and multinational companies.

Our achievement is based around taking care of what physicians and medical professionals say they want and then finding and adapting products to meet theirs needs. We do this at the same time as protecting the profit streams that our partners and clients need to continue to develop and grow in this highly competitive market.


Orphan Teb Pars main strategy is to stress on our partner brands and simultaneously promotion of Orphan Teb Pars name and its partners. We aim to consider all of our clients with the same level of attraction, consideration and dedication. Orphan Teb Pars is participating in local scientific programs, trading exhibitions, pharma industry and medical research centers.

Accounting and Finance
Orphan Teb Pars accounting and finance department main job is to organize transferring the necessary ...
Products and Partners
Orphan Teb Pars's main strategy is to stress on our partner brands and...