Mission & Vision


Orphan Teb Pars’s mission is to make new and high quality pharmaceutical products, food supplements and medical devices available for Iranian population to increase the level of health in our community.


Orphan Teb Pars’s vision is to become one of the top three local pharmaceutical supplier companies concerning product portfolio and financial aspects by next three years from 2009.

About Orphan Teb Pars

Orphan Teb Pars is established with high staffs’ capabilities, management skills and specialty in pharmaceutical business in Iran,
Company Organization

* Sales & Marketing Dept.
* Regulatory Dept.
* Human Resource Dept.
* Financial Dept.
* Commercial and Supply Chain Dept.


Accounting and Finance
Orphan Teb Pars accounting and finance department main job is to organize transferring the necessary ...
Products and Partners
Orphan Teb Pars's main strategy is to stress on our partner brands and...